Stop Paying For Useless Clicks. Pay Only For The Appointments.

The New, Revolutionary Pay-Per-Appointment Advertising Model

We make local advertising easy. We do all the work for you: create listings, launch the ads, set the targeting and find the potential customers searching for patients. You don't pay for clicks, views or calls. You pay ONLY FOR THE APPOINTMENTS. That's ZERO risk advertising since you don't pay for ANYTHING but the appointments. No more wasting money on clicks, calls & views. Pay only for the appointments you set. No more payments for wrong numbers, hang-ups or job seekers.

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We List & Advertise Your Practice On 100+ Local Business Directories Like:


...& Many More, With a Combined Reach Of Over 200 Consumers a Month.

We do all the work for you: create your listing, advertise it online, target potential customers searching for your dental practices (at the time they are ready to make a an appointment with a dentist).

Potential patients call your practice. Our patented engine listens to calls behind the scenes, analyzing if the appointment is made during the call.

You pay only if the appointment is made. No wrong numbers, existing customers, telemarketers or job seekers. Your business gets real leads. No more payments for clicks. Only for the appointments.

Get Listed Everywhere

We power the leading business directories on the web such as Yellowpages, Citysearch, and When you sign up, your business is quickly featured on over 200 different websites, mobile apps and emerging media properties like showmelocal, and CitySquares.

With a combined reach of over 200 million consumers a month, if someone is trying to choose a local provider, we make sure you are front and center.


Only Pay for the Good Stuff

Our patented engine listens to all the calls you receive from our network to understand what is going on. We transcribe your phone calls using cutting-edge speech recognition technology and analyze what is said to cut out anything but the patient calls. From there, we analyze if the appointment was made, so you don't pay for anything but the appointment setting calls.

Wrong numbers, telemarketers, and job seekers can account for as much as 2/3 of phone calls a business pays for through traditional advertising and we cut them out.

No More Payments For:


Telemarketeres are searching for local buyers and they click on your ad to call you. You just paid for that.

Hang Ups

Someone clicked on your ad and the hang up happened. Now he clicks again to contact you, and you just got charged twice.

Job Seekers

Stop paying for job seeker clicks! There's no real need to pay for all of that. Use our pay per appointment model instead!


Stop paying for annoying solicitor calls from people who don't really want to schedule an appointment.

Click Theft

Stop paying for the annoying BOT clicks on your website, that account for 20% of ALL your ad clicks.

Wrong Numbers

Stop paying for clicks on your ads when they wanted to call SOMEONE else! No more wasting on that.

Tracking Is Made Easy

At the end of the month, you'll receive an exclusive, detailed report on how well your business is doing. With us, you'll always know how much money you are making.


Stop Paying For Useless Clicks & Unqualified Calls. Call Now To Get Your Phone To Start Ringing, & Pay Only For The Appointments.